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Blust. The world’s most advanced entertainment delivery system.

Everyone’s talking about 4k streaming but only 12% of the world can actually access it. And in 4k gaming, only 4.62% are playing at full resolution.

Powered by blockchain, Blust delivers cinema definition 4k movies, 4k TV, 4k games and VR with no lag, fuzziness or the spinning wheel of death – no matter what your internet speed.

Approved by Hollywood, Blust is the world’s first fully legal peer-to-peer (p2p) movie sharing service where everyone gets paid. Including you. Simply share bandwidth and storage and you’ll earn Blust crypto to spend on the highest quality vision and sound available in any lounge room.

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The Office Space’s Director Naomi Tosic in conversation with Rhett Sampson
of GT Systems in their second incarnation of “small business stories.”

Kirrin Barakat, Civic Video marketing manager, talks about GTTV/Blust

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