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April, 25 2017

Home theatre is the future but Telco’s and ISPs can’t deliver

The 5 articles below from Colin Dixon of nScreenMedia highlight the opportunity and the elephant in the room in OTT.

In the first one, a panel of industry heavy hitters at NAB confirms that the Home Theatre experience is already better than cinema. 4K HDR is how producers and directors want you to see the content they make.  Cinemas can’t do HDR and many aren’t even 4K; AR and VR will just make the experience even better for home and harder for cinemas. But the graphs in the next 4 articles highlight the problem: ISPs cant stream that experience on current average Internet speeds. UHD disc’s won’t solve it. Telco and ISP networks have already been broken by the exponential growth in video and they are desperate for a solution. Workarounds like ABR (Adaptive Bit Rate) are becoming unacceptable: viz. the “spinning wheel of death.” So what do we do?

The problem requires looking at solutions that may be disruptive but work, and adapting them for the “common good”. The antidote often grows next to the poison. But the taint of poison is hard to shake. It requires a lot of work over long periods to build trust. I’m talking about taking peer to peer protocols such as BitTorrent (there, I’ve said it!), adapting them, fixing their shortcomings, combining them with other solutions that work e.g. CDN, making them secure and acceptable to content owners.

Sound impossible? Most people thought so when we started on this journey over 3 years ago. Then we said we’d do it on an open Windows PC and people, especially security guys, literally laughed at us. But now it’s done, we have unconditional approval from a major Hollywood studio, and the patent office has deemed the core of our patent “novel and inventive”, the test for a patent. If you want to find out more about that journey and what we’ve done, there’s a video over at our main site

The content production and OTT world has turned upside down in the last couple of weeks (see our other blog entries here). It’s about to get very interesting indeed. Please get in touch if you want to chat about what we’ve done and how it might be useful to you.

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Rhett Sampson, CEO & CTO, GT Systems
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